Celebrity Surgeries Gone Terribly Wrong: Before and After


When the cameras go down the knife comes out. That’s because everyone in Hollywood is trying to look their best. But, what happens when doctors and plastic surgeons botch up a job? These celebs learned their lesson the hard way.


Daryl Hannah- So much for aging gracefully.


Jocelyn Wildenstein- She’s called the Cat woman because she underwent millions of dollars worth of surgery to transform her face into what seems to look like a cat?? I don’t get it…


Designer Donatella Versace such a beauty and icon to the fashion world; WHAT HAPPENED?


Janice Dickinson- That awkward moment when duck face is just your actual face.


Madonna- Still Fab? (What do you think?)


Barry Manilow- His plastic surgery was considered one of the most unsuccessful procedures.


Meg Ryan- Back when Harry met Sally, Ryan was known as “America’s sweetheart.” These days, Harry might not recognize her. So cute and adorable she WAS.



Nicole Kidman- Who is she kidding?


Amanda Lepore- She looks like a real housewife whose show got cancelled in the 60s. 


Big Ang- Who did the mob hire to mess up her face? 


Priscilla Presley- You ain’t nothing but a hound dog, now. This woman had such a classic look to her, until she hired a bogus doctor who is ultimately in jail now.


Suzanne Somers- It appears this all American girl destroyed her natural beauty with fillers and injections.


Wayne Newton- As men age, they usually look more distinguished and better looking unless they pay doctors to ruin their faces.

So remember, your face is your face. You should be extremely careful if you go under the knife. Or just keep it real with good skincare and you won’t have to worry about being botched.

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