Why Anti-Aging Skincare Products are Essential to your Skin

Quality Skincare and Diet
Quality Skincare and Diet
Quality Skincare and Diet

Quality Skincare and Diet

As you get older, your skin begins to change. Your skin stops rejuvenating and collagen/elastin production slow down. This means that the overall appearance of your skin becomes duller, more wrinkled, and with more blemishes. You suddenly look your age or even older. The only way to ensure that your skin fights the side effects of aging is to follow a proper diet and to use a quality skincare regime.

Your diet should include plenty of water in order to keep your skin looking young. Remember, your skin is your largest organ, if you deprive it of proper hydration, it immediately shows the signs of the deprivation. In addition, what you eat will help the health of your skin. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to ensure that your skin gets the nutrients necessary to stay healthy.

Your skincare regime also plays a vital role in the aging process. The right products that add back lost nutrients in your skin will help you to achieve the glowing, healthy smile you desire. In addition, you should exfoliate at least once a week or every other week in order to further the beauty of your skin. This eliminates the dead skin that no longer turns over, giving you healthier, firmer looking skin in the long run. Now let’s take a look at how your skin changes over time.

In Your 30's


Your Skin in your 30s

When you hit your 30s your skin starts the aging process. It begins to appear a little duller, crow’s feet may start to show up, and wrinkles in areas where your skin naturally creases will begin to get a little deeper. This is all a process of the exterior layer of your skin becoming damaged. The cells eventually stop exfoliating like they once used to, which means you are not being provided with new, healthy cells – you are stuck with the old ones that are less able to provide you with that radiant, youthful look.


In Your 40's

Your Skin in your 40s

In your 40s, everything starts to slow down. Your body no longer releases toxins as easily as it once did. This means that your skin holds onto those toxins, which results in deeper wrinkles around your mouth and more in depth crow’s feet. Your 40s is when sun damage really starts to show its effects and your hormone levels start to diminish which results in dehydrated skin and a loss of collagen, which means your skin becomes less elastic. You could wind up with sagging skin at this point or just the appearance of being “older.”


In your 50'sYour Skin in your 50s

All of your prior skincare mistakes begin to show their effects in your 50s as your hormone levels deplete and your skin loses its glow, sags even more, and has deeper wrinkles. Your skin will feel thinner, drier, and every flaw will begin to show, including sun spots, age spots, and excessive wrinkles. You will even start to notice changes in your eyes, and not just crow’s feet; you will see sagging and wrinkled eyelids – a true sign of aging.



Real Results with Quality Skincare Products

Each of these signs of aging can be treated or even fixed if you use the proper quality skincare products. These products need to contain the vital nutrients that not only fix your skin, but also those that your body needs to fight off the signs of aging. You need products that contain the following ingredients:

Retinol – This helps to make the skin brighter and even helps to diminish wrinkles. It also helps to eliminate the risk of age spots showing up in your 40s and 50s by encouraging the cells at the skin’s surface to essentially die and for new cells to form. This provides your skin with a “new” surface, which means less wrinkles and flaws that would otherwise show up without the new growth.

Hyaluronic acid – This helps to restore skin that is dehydrated, helping to keep the collagen production up, giving you hydrated, moisture-rich skin with a beautiful glow. It works a little different than any other acid as it does not exfoliate your skin; instead it lubricates or cushions the skin, providing exemplary results.

Swiss Apple Stem Cells – This gem of a skincare ingredient is being utilized to change the skin of women everywhere. The unique properties of these Swiss apples help to promote the production of human stem cells, which provides new growth, more luster, and smoother skin in the long run.

Matrixyl 3000 Peptides – This ingredient helps to promote the growth of future collagen, which is essential to prevent sagging, wrinkled skin and is a commonly known as a long-term skin solution.

No matter what your age is right now, proper skincare is essential. Even if you feel like you “missed the boat” by not taking care of your skin in your 20s and 30s, it is never too late to bring back the beautiful, youthful skin you desire. Starting today, find the quality skincare product that contains the ingredients that fight against the most common skin issues at your age. Using products with the right ingredients will leave you with beautiful results, helping you to defy your age year after year!

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